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Root Canal Treatment in Petaluma

Despite the scary things you may have heard about root canals, these days the procedure is nothing to fear.

A root canal occurs when a patient has a severely infected tooth and requires the removal of harmful bacteria and dead or dying tissues from within so as to salvage the tooth.

While in the days of old, the root canal procedure could be a pretty painful experience. Thanks to modern dentistry and the gentle care of our root canal treatment in Petaluma specialists, the root canal has evolved into a far more comfortable procedure requiring no more than two follow up visits to our office.

Typically, a root canal is required when an infection is detected deep within your tooth. Bacterial infection can happen for a variety of reasons - from injury or even an untreated cavity. Without treating the damage, the issue can quickly become severe enough to require full removal, so speed in dealing with your problem is of the essence.

We generally conduct root canal treatment as a four-step process divided into two separate visits to Cypress Dental. Here are the steps you can expect if undergoing the procedure.

Step One

  • The root canal treatment Petalumadentist administers anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the tooth
  • Expect a brief pinch from the needle
  • A small sheet of rubber is placed to isolate the tooth keeping it sanitized during the procedure

Step Two

  • Using small specialized dental tools, such as a small drill, the dentist will access the inner area of the tooth through an opening created in the portion on top of your tooth
  • The specialist will file away the diseased or damaged pulp from within the tooth
  • The file will be used to shape the inside chamber of your tooth's root and spray the area with water, washing away all remaining pulp.
  • An antimicrobial solution may be applied within the chamber to eliminate bacteria further and reduce further risk of infection

Step Three

  • When the chamber is intricately cleansed and dried, your oral specialist will fill it using a 'gutta percha' rubber-like material
  • The opening in your tooth will be closed using a temporary filling to substitute for your eventual permanent crown

Step Four

  • When you return to Cypress Dental a few weeks later, the treatment will conclude with the placement of a permanent crown or some comparable restoration aid
  • It may be necessary to place a small support post to the inside of the chamber's root to ensure the stability of the crown or restoration.

After the root canal treatment, it is of the utmost importance that you take good care of your teeth and gums. It may be a good idea to schedule a follow-up visit to receive an X-ray examination to confirm the successful termination of the infection. From here, the only remaining step is to continue your regular, thorough oral hygiene routine, including a regular visit to Cypress Dental to sustain the natural health of your teeth. With proper attentive care, a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can stay active and healthy for your entire life!

Call your root canal treatment in Petaluma specialists today at Cypress Dental to begin your journey toward the best root canal treatment in Petaluma, CA. Our premier specialists are happy to share the best information on the root canal procedure available.

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