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Periodontics in Petaluma

Keep your gums healthy with our periodontics in Petaluma.

Of all the varying types of dentistry, the periodontist is among the least understood. A periodontist is a highly trained professional who deals mainly with the gums to ensure that patient's mouths are healthy and free form any gum disease.

This professional deals with gum diseases, working to give patients healthier and safer mouths. If you ever feel like your gums are sensitive, or you notice bleeding, you need a periodontist. Otherwise, you risk gum disease or the pain experienced with every bite, and other extreme mouth conditions. After completing many years of additional specialized dental training, a periodontist is equipped to deal with an array of oral healthcare concerns and conduct a variety of complicated procedures from providing dental implants to treating cancerous gum-lines to performing gum and jaw surgery.

While gums are a strong focus of the periodontist, they are by no means the only one. Our premier Petaluma periodontist works with regions of the mouth that most people don't even think about, yet use frequently. Take the alveolar process, the part of your jawbone that supports your teeth. Issues in this area in the jaw can lead to loss of teeth, particularly for women. Should damage ever occur to your alveolar process you will need a trained periodontist to reset and secure your teeth.

In the early stages, a visit with your periodontist is no different than any other dentist visit. Your periodontist will review your medical history and discuss any allergies, heart issues, diabetic histories, and any other condition like pregnancy that could affect your options for treatment. It is possible that an appointment will call for X-rays, as it will be essential to garnering the most accurate medical information possible before deciding on any critical matters.

Your Periodontics in Petaluma specialist will then examine your X-rays in conjunction with your medical records, before conducting a routine evaluation of your gums, your jaw, and your mouth. At this point, we will advise if any conditions were detected requiring a potential procedure. If no surgery is necessary, your periodontist will recommend daily methods to continue the health of your specific oral situation.

While all dentists are valuable oral professionals, since the periodontist is among the most important, it is necessary to seek out the very best. For this reason, Cypress Dental considers it crucial to offer one of Petaluma's premier periodontists in the field. It is possible you may never actually require one, but if the day comes when visiting one becomes necessary, be thankful that Cypress Dental periodontist has the extensive training needed to mend your teeth, gums, and mouth with premier care.

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