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Overbite & Underbite Correction in Petaluma

Correct any misalignment with overbite & underbite correction Petaluma.

Do you suspect that you have an issue with your bite? Unsure what a bite issue even is? While a 'normal bite' or 'balanced bite' refers to molars that properly bite down into alignment, should your bite fail to align when your teeth close, you may have bite related issues.

Overbite: An overbite is an ill-proportionate relationship between your upper and lower molars, in this case with the lower molar falling behind that of the upper molar. This misalignment results in a bite that lands further back in your mouth. We call this molar relationship an 'overbite' because the upper jaw and front teeth push out and over the chin. When seen in profile, this can give off the appearance of a receding lower lip and chin.

Underbite: An upper-lower molar relationship wherein the lower molars project out toward the front of one's lower molars is referred to as an Underbite. When seen in profile, the lower lip and chin are prominently projected, giving off a concave-like appearance.

You can determine for yourself if you feel that misaligned teeth are an oral issue you suffer from, but please reach out to our Overbite and Underbite Correction in Petaluma Cypress Dental staff to aid in your assessment. We're here to offer our vast knowledge and lend advice on how best to assist in achieving your dental goals.

There are a variety of treatments available to our Petaluma dental community to correct an under or overbite, from the targeted removal of problematic teeth, to orthodontic retainers or braces, to minor jaw surgeries in some cases. Beginning this journey is an understandable daunting thought, and that's why we at Cypress Dental are happy to provide comfort via knowledge and strategy.

No matter what oral ailment you're going through, a visit to Cypress Dental is nothing to fear. We'll get through this together!

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