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Metal Free Dentistry in Petaluma

The latest advances in modern dentistry have seen an array of innovative approaches to old problems.

At Cypress Dental, it is our pleasure to provide as many options for effective procedures as possible. Our Metal Free Dentistry in Petaluma office, we offer an array of advanced biocompatible material-based alternatives utilizing the most cutting edge technology to restore and preserve your smile.

For ages, metal-based fillings, dental crowns, and other such dental prosthetics were the available options for patients battling the most common of oral ailments. Over time, research has proven that a lot of these treatments were not only rather homely but potentially hazardous to your teeth and health at large.

Metal materials cause teeth-discoloration when filling in a tooth, as the metal tends to react badly to changes in temperature, expanding and reshaping the content. The shift can easily result in additional trauma to the tooth, not to mention, it creates more spaces and opportunities for bacteria to collect, causing decay to take root.

Also, to situate these fillings, it becomes necessary for your oral specialist to remove portions of your tooth’s structure. This aspect of the process can easily result in chipping, fracturing, and other potential dangers to the health of your teeth.

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