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Gum Charting & Diagnostics in Petaluma

Help maintain your oral health with Gum Charting and Diagnostics Petaluma.

Gum charting generally occurs for new patients to our Cypress Dental family, but whether we're meeting for the first time or you're coming in for a long-needed examination, taking a chart of your gums, or 'gum-charting' will be one of the most vital steps for the proper mastery of your oral health.

The gum charting process consists of a thorough inspection of your gums and each tooth so as to evaluate the condition and general health of your gums and teeth. After we conduct an X-ray, we carefully take note of any broken or missing teeth, any possible threat of periodontal disease, or gum disease, and any other potential oral health concerns you may be facing.

As with any health concern, it is paramount that any danger is caught early on. We record all of the information we're able to learn from this chart diagramming every single tooth and its enclosing gum tissue, into your records for reference at every future visit.

A diagnostic is Cypress Dental's thorough evaluation of your gum chart. Your oral specialist will study all available information to determine and if necessary diagnose any possible periodontal tooth issues. We will be able to work directly with our patients to come up with the best possible treatment plan and a further preventative oral health routine to ensure the continuation of your oral health.

We will then develop as well as determine an individual plan for any necessary treatment, as well as determines a preventive maintenance schedule to assure your continued dental health.

Find out why the community is calling us Gum Charting and Diagnostics in Petaluma specialists.

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