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Dental Crowns and Bridges Petaluma

Are you one of the countless people in Petaluma suffering from damaged or missing teeth? If so, a crown or a bridge may be the smile restoration solution for which you’ve been waiting!

For those suffering from damaged or missing teeth, when it comes to your smile, you’re missing more than a full tooth.

The situation can also affect your confidence and general happiness, not to mention your comfort, as one worn tooth can make routine activities like eating unpleasant and even painful. This is where dental crowns and bridges in Petaluma come into the picture, solving not only your dental issue but putting the skip back in your step.

A dental crown is like a cap or 'cover' perfectly shaped like a custom-designed tooth to fit snugly over a worn or damaged tooth.

The crown attaches to your tooth permanently requiring no further work aside from your regular oral hygiene routines, unlike the usual hassle of maintaining removable dentures. You can even design your crown to be virtually undetectable should you choose. Your dentist will educate you on the different types of materials available to you so as to help make the best possible decision for your specific wants.

Dental Bridge Petaluma
Dental Crown Petaluma

Crowns are the perfect solution for dealing with damaged or worn teeth, but if you’re suffering from a missing tooth, a more direct approach will be required, such as a bridge. A bridge is a connected set of porcelain teeth, or crowns, tailor designed to bridge the gap in your smile.

Your oral professional will anchor the replacement tooth via the bridge to the sides of your neighboring teeth providing a robust solution to missing teeth built to last. In fact, with proper care, given the metal-fused porcelain materials, your bridge has the potential to last well over fifteen years!

For many of our patients, our dental crowns and bridges in Petaluma dentists can provide the solution for dental restoration. Call Cypress Dental today to converse with a knowledgeable member of our staff to learn all about the many pathways to your ideal smile!

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