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Composite Filling in Petaluma

Repair your smile with our Composite Filling in Petaluma,

Unlike a regular filling, which serves to fill and correct a cavity with a liquid-mercury amalgam substance, a composite filling effectively serves the same restorative function with cosmetic consideration geared toward a seamless appearance by using a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture.

Your Composite Filling Petaluma specialist will place the composite filling in layers, using a specialized light substance to solidify each layer. When this portion of the process finishes, your dentist will expertly shape and tailor the composite to thoroughly fill in the tooth. Lastly, the composite will be carefully polished to prevent possible staining as well as to aid in its longevity.

The placement of a composite filling will take a bit longer than the placement of a metal filling because there is an added emphasis on the maintained extra-careful sanitation occurring as your cavity is in the process of being filled.

Following the composite filling treatment, you may feel some post-procedural sensitivity. Also, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, tea, or other teeth-staining foods may cause a slight change in shade. That said, if this is particularity disconcerting to you, your Composite Filling in Petaluma specialist can provide a transparent plastic coating over the new filling to prevent any change in color.

Composites have been known to wear out a bit sooner than metal fillings in terms of larger, more severe cavities, but composites will hold up perfectly well in terms of smaller cavities. In the end, the best possible dental filling is to have no filling at all. The name of this game is cavity-prevention via diligent oral hygiene habits, which will also work to prevent several other oral issues and dental diseases. Just take the following routine steps to a happy, healthy mouth:

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