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Dentures in Petaluma

Time Proven and affordable methods for loss of teeth

Even those with the best of oral hygiene habits find themselves requiring dental assistance down the line.

At Cypress Dental, we're here to offer you the most comfortable and economical denture options for your missing teeth. The latest advancements in dentistry offer no shortage of solutions for replacing missing teeth and yet to this day, full or partial dentures remain the most popular and trusted option for our Cypress Dental patients in Petaluma, CA.

There are two options for dentures, partial dentures or full dentures. Should you only be missing some of your teeth along the arch of gums, partial dentures is likely your answer. But if you're missing all of your teeth, either along the bottom or top or both, then full dentures will be required to restore your smile.

Cypress Dental offers dentures made from both fine acrylic and metal materials that snugly fit into place over comfortably over your gum-line. Some Cypress Dental patients use adhesives or simple suctioning to keep their dentures in position, but for others, dental implants are required to anchor the dentures in place.

For our dentist Petaluma patients missing one or more teeth, full or partial may be the best solution. Yes, other options are out there, but for a great many people our dentures in Petaluma are the premier choice.

To find out which dental approach is the one for your need, reach out to a trained Cypress Dental Dentures Petaluma specialist today to begin your journey to the perfect smile. Our dental professionals are eager to help guide you toward the right plan and a radiant smile!

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